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Do you have time to donate in order to help abused, neglected, and abandoned animals? We could use help in many ways!

Events: We could use help planning, transporting animals to and from events, setting up at events, making signs, taking care of the pets while at events, clean up, and talking to the public.

Fundraising: We could use help raising money for animals that come in with higher medical expenses by collecting money, doing bake sales, and things like that.

Supply Collecting: We could use help getting donations like dog toys, bones, cat litter, kitten milk, bottles for newborns, litterbox, etc.

Awareness: We could use help spreading the word about our rescue. Whether it be by passing out fliers, sharing our Facebook page, or telling your friends about us!

Transporting: Picking up dogs from foster homes and taking them to the vet, taking dogs to foster homes, picking up dogs at risk for euthanasia from shelters, etc.

Puppy playdates: Taking a puppy or puppies for a couple hours to play with while their foster homes has to run errands.

Dog Walking: Walking some of our dogs that need exercise or need to learn how to walk on a leash. 

Do you have a special skill like the ability to groom dogs? We could use help with some of our pets that come in matted! Have a teen that needs community service hours? We can find something for them to do as well!

Below is an application to volunteer.

The application below is for our puppy playdates or sleepovers!

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