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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are you located? We do not have a physical location as we are NOT a shelter. We are a foster based rescue located primarily in NorthernVirginia and Southern Maryland.​

How can I meet the dogs in person? Our dogs are all in foster homes. In order to meet one of our dogs you must have an approved application to adopt unless you meet them at an adoption event. ​

I want to adopt a dog, but I am out of town. Can you hold a dog for me? Unfortunately, we can't. Keeping dogs in a foster home for extended periods of time means we can't rescue other dogs.


Why are your adoption fees so high? Most of our dogs come from out of state. It costs around $200 per dog just for transport fees. This doesn't even include basic vetting. We have our adoption fees set to prevent us from going into negatives every time we save an animal. We often go into the negative if dogs we bring into the rescue need additional vetting, are sick, or need extra care. ​


What happens if you go into the negative, money wise, for dogs you have in your rescue? If we go into the negative for our rescue expenses we try to get donations. We are a small rescue, so are often unsuccessful at getting large donations. If any of the dogs have expenses that the rescue cannot cover then the director has no choice, but to pay for it from her personal account. She has her own kids and animals that this takes away from. In order for the rescue to run and not go bankrupt we need to be able to have the rescue to maintain itself. ​


Why do you guys take dogs out of state if it costs so much to save them? Our local animal shelter has a 90% save rate. When we first started taking dogs from Texas the shelter we were working with had a 50% save rate. That means 50% of the animals there were euthanized. That is an alarming rate. At our local shelter most of the dogs that do not have behavioral issues get adopted quickly. We do not take dogs with known behavioral issues. We mainly try to save dogs that would be euthanized for lack of space only.​

Do you operate on a first come, first serve basis? Not always. We try to find the best fit for the dog or puppy. Sometimes it is the first application, sometimes it's not.


Why don't you take dogs with known behavioral issues? We are a foster based rescue. The handful of fosters we have do not have the ability to house animals with behavioral issues. Most of them also have kids and other pets. We give preference to saving dogs that are kid, dog, and cat friendly because that is what is a good fit for most of our foster homes.​


I see dogs posted online needing help all the time. Do you ever help them? Being a small rescue, we do not have the ability to blindly commit to dogs without any information. Any dog in our program we have screened to the best of our ability. Most of the time, before we commit to a dog, we require the shelter to dog, cat, and kid test. We also ask for video proof as in the past we were not given the entire truth, so we request videos.This is especially true with new shelters we work with that we do not have an established trust. We cannot risk bringing in a dog that may have any sort of aggression and do not want to put our loved ones in danger, so we do not blindly commit to any dogs. 


Does your rescue euthanize? We do not euthanize healthy dogs for space. If there is a dog whose medical needs surpass what the rescue has the means to help with or a veterinarian says that the animal is suffering and the most humane option is euthanasia then we will go with vet recommendation. We do not place dogs with true aggression or that pose a risk to people or other animals. We would consult with a veterinarian to determine if behavioral euthanasia is the best option. If we feel a dog could be a liability or a danger to the public we would seek euthanasia for said animal. Some rescues do not feel the same way and euthanasia is always a touchy subject, but there are just too many dogs being euthanized solely for space than for us to use our limited resources on an animal that could potentially hurt or kill another human or animal.

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