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Adoption Application and Waiver

We are processing our adoption applications through a website called Shelterluv now. 

Link to the adoption application:

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Adoption fees vary depending on the type of animal, medical expenses that was incurred, and the originating shelter the animal came from. Our adoption fees are guidelines and are subject to change.


There are a lot of fees involved with rescue. The adoption fees help cover expenses such as vet care, food, fees from the originating shelter, animal boarding, fees to run our website, advertising fees, paperwork and much more. Most of our dogs come from Texas. We pay about $200 per dog to have them transported from Texas to Virginia. 


Adoption fees help us cover additional expenses plus help other animals in our program that require additional medical care, training, or boarding. The animal you adopt may not require additional expenses, but there are a significant amount of animals that do. In effort to save as many animals as possible the "extra" fees help off set the significant amount of bills we inur.

Adoption Fees

Dogs and Puppies

Puppy (under 7 months):$400- $550

Adult (7 months-6yrs.): $200-$500

Senior Dog (7+yrs.) : $100-$200

Heartworm Positive Dogs: $600

Cats and Kittens

Single Kitten (under 7 months): $250

Adult Cat (7mo-8yrs.):$100-$200

Senior Cat (9+yrs.): $50

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You can also access the adoption application by clicking the PDF directly to the right and printing it out. It can be submitted when you are done by e-mailing it to

Here is a copy of our waiver if anyone would like to read it over.

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