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Foster Care Application

Why Foster?

Our foster homes are the backbone of our program. If people did not open their homes to dogs in need they would be euthanized!!

We provide all supplies! Crate, puppy pads, bowls, leashes, collars, food, we supply it!!

We pay and treat any illnesses the dogs may have through our vet. If you feel like your dog is ill just contact the coordinator and we can schedule the dog to get seen. Simple vetting we often can treat in-rescue. 

We use Shelterluv to process applications.

Updated picture of Reagan.jpeg

Fostering helps to give background information in order to help find the right home. 

It's very rewarding!

A lot of people worry about getting too attached. All of our foster homes agree it's better to get too attached, but know the dog is going to find a loving home vs turning a blind eye and knowing good dogs are dying everyday. 

Twiggy was on the brink of death when she was brought into the shelter and faced euthanasia as the shelter does not have the resources to treat unhealthy animals. Pneumonia, loaded with worms, and severely underweight, she only survived because of a foster. She has since been adopted, but her life has forever touched by the family who took her in for a short period of time. 


This is Chewy. He had a high fever, mange, internal parasites, and secondary skin infections. Without a foster to nurse him back to health, he would have surely died. The first two pictures are before and the last one is the after picture. 


This is Reagan. She was shot with a pellet gun. She was going to be euthanized in Texas. All because someone decided to open their hearts and home to her was she able to be saved. She spent 3 weeks in foster care before she found her forever home and is doing great. 


You can also access the foster care application by clicking the PDF and printing it out. It can be submitted when you are done filling out all sections by e-mailing it to

This is Chloe. She was in the same situation as Chewy. A committed foster saved her life. 

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