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Policies and Procedures

We make a commitment to all of the animals in our program to provide high quality care and to ensure their new homes will be able to do the same.



To place pets with families that are a "good match." Maximum effort will be put into placing animals in homes where they will maintain permanent placement stability.

Safe Place

To recruit foster homes that can serve as a temporary safe place until a permanent adoptive home is found. 


To give all animals coming through our rescue proper medical care and ensuring they are altered to help end the pet overpopulation problem. 

 Return Policy and Neuter Requirements

        Any dog, cat, or rabbit that is adopted from Paws Deep Animal Rescue will be spayed or neutered before they are released to an adoptive home unless it is deemed they are too young. If they are deemed too young then the adopter will have to sign a spay and neuter contract. When the animal is 6 months of age the adopter will need to take the animal to their vet to get altered. We require that the animal is spayed within 30 days of turning 6 months old. Once there is proof of the spay and neuter the rescue will reimburse $100 of the adoption fee to the adopter. No animal will be adopted unless it is over the age of 8 weeks old and weaned. Every animal will have the age appropriate vaccinations at the time of adoption.      

       Even though we try our best to make sure each animal is placed in a home where the pet and family will be compatible, we understand that sometimes there are circumstances in which the animal may not be a good fit. If it is determined that an animal is not a good fit for the adopters and they need to rehome the animal, we ask that we are notified, so that the animal can be re-evaluated and placed, most likely, back into our adoption program. We do not always have room in our program to immediately take a dog back, especially if weeks and months have passed as we are foster based. If we do not have room to take the animal back we ask the adopter to foster their adopted dog while we re-list them on Petfinder in hopes of finding them a home that is better suited for them. We will, in the meantime, work diligently to make space to bring take the dog back.

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