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Adoption Screening

  • We require that anyone adopting a pet from Paws Deep Animal Rescue is at least 21 years old and we will need to see proof of age. 

  • If you rent then we need a copy of your lease showing that you are allowed to have a pet and the phone number to call your landlord. If you are not the homeowner we need to speak with the homeowner to make sure they are aware of the intent to adopt a pet and it is indeed ok.

  • We will review the adoption/ foster care contract. We do not schedule meet and greets without an approved adoption application first. We will ask any additional questions at this time. We call or e-mail if we have additional questions.

  • Current state required vaccinations are required for all current pets in the household and their status will need to be verified by a veterinarian.

  • Home inspections will be done at the rescue's discretion as well as interviews.


  • The first step to adoption, once you have identified a pet you would like to adopt, is to fill out an adoption application.

  • You can speed up the adoption process by calling your vet ahead of time to give us permission to speak to them in regards to your current and past pets.

  • You will be contacted to schedule an interview and a meet and greet with the animal once your application is approved. Once we have gotten approval that you are allowed to have pets where you live, your adoption application is approved, the pet is altered (if old enough), and adoption payment is received, only then will the animal be released.

  • We will need to see a vaild ID or drivers license at the time of adoption as well.

Note: Some animals will require home inspections or a fenced yard. Applying for a dog does not mean automatic approval.

We try to find the best match for the dog or puppy. Sometimes it is the first contract we see, sometimes it's the fifth. We try to operate on a first come first serve basis, but it doesn't always happen that way. We reserve the right to deny any applications for any reason.
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